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Angel's Ink - Jocelynn Drake

This book is so boring. I have never heard a man talk so much about mundane shit. If this is what they are thinking all of the time, no wonder they always respond with "nothing" when you ask them what is on their mind. They are not being facetious, they are simply being honest.







Hot Tempered




I want to like Gage (Ugh, really? That's the best name you could come up with? I have a real issue when MC's have ridiculous names, let's take this guy WHO CAN FEEL MAGIC and give him some mundane name filled with all sorts of stigma. Barf) and his world. It's actually INTERESTING. Gasp! Warlocks are psychos, elves, wood nymphs, and trolls abound all sort of hiding in plain sight, you can do magic with tattoos and vampires have OCD, oh and grim reapers are real and they work for a union (think Dead Like Me). It has all these great elements but I'm so bored, it's so wordy, his inner voice sounds a little too female and I keep having to reminds myself that it's Gage. I feel no understanding or connection with him, I mostly think he's stupid.

He is gearing up for some battle for his life and he has to do it without getting caught using magic, which of course is not going to happen. I'm bored of this. I'm done. I don't care what happens to any of these characters. I'm not finishing this book, but I gave it 2 stars because frankly, the world is awesome.

I bid you adieu, lack luster waste of time! 

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